we provide an economy range of manual test stands manufactured by Shimpo including economical handwheel-operated manual test stand, designed for precision and rapid testing applications. Shimpo manual test stands used with a Shimpo digital force gauge offer an excellent and convenient solution for rapid testing applications. These models gain the best possible precision for your force measurements and come with a wide range of capacities and loading methods.

Shimpo Manual Force Test Stands in Canada


Manual Hand Wheel Operated Test Stand

The FGS-250W is specifically designed for tensile and compressive force testing and destructive or failure testing for research applications in a...
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Manual Hand-lever Force Test Stand

Operated via an ergonomic hand-lever for precision, balance, and durability operations, this manual test stand can be combined with any of Shimpo's...
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Lever operated test stand, 200 lb capacity

Buy this Precision Hand-lever Force Test Stand and get ready for accurate, quick and simple comparative checks test results with the addition of a SHIMPO...
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Hand wheel operated test stand, 200 lb capacity

This Manual Hand-wheel Force Test Stand combined with the addition of a digital Shimpo force gauge offers an affordable test solution to measure tension...
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Manual Turn-wheel Force Test Stand, 1000 lb capacity

FGS-1000H is an affordable manual test solution with excellent positional control through its accurate turn-wheel. Buy this Shimpo handwheel operated test...
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