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Mechanical Force Gauges

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These economical MF Series Mechanical Force Gauges with Peak Force Analysis are highly featured Shimpo force indicator wich come with a great dial indicator that allows viewing of force changes as they occur. Shimpo MF Series Measures Tension and Compression Forces and proved to be incredibly durable and user-friendly force instruments.

Accredited calibration/NIST traceable calibration certificate for Shimpo MF Series Mechanical Force Gauges might be available on request (for an extra charge). Please contact us for more info.

Shimpo Mechanical Force Gauges: instrument description

If you are looking for easy force operation tools at a great price, this MF Series Mechanical Force Gauges with Peak Force Analysis is a simple yet robust mechanical instrument, optimized for easy compression and tension testing in manufacturing, material testing, maintenance and inspection applications.

Designed for hand use with this Shimpo MF Mechanical Force Gauge the users can easily read force values as the same time that occur and also observe acceleration as well as peak measurements.

The peak force mode features an easy push-button reset; this is especially helpful for doing repetitive testing in an assembly line or in quality control.

SHIMPO MF Mechanical Force Gauges (series) Features

  • MF Series Mechanical Force Gauges with Peak Force Analysis
  • Outstanding ±0.2% F.S. accuracy makes the MF’s Ideal even for the strictest applications
  • Precision gauge movement provides a quick response for instantaneous analysis
  • Measures Tension and Compression Forces – Only one gauge required for insertion withdrawal tests
  • Real Time Mode or Peak Mode enables flexibility to view live readings or maximum values recorded
  • Smooth mechanical operation with precise action produces repetitive, proper readings
  • Exceptionally rugged die-cast aluminum housing enables usage in harshest conditions
  • Overload protected to 165 pounds (74.84 kg) protects gauge from accidental damage
  • Peak Mode Reset is an ideal for repetitive peak testing applications
  • English and metric models available satisfies many testing parameters
  • Compact, ergonomic design is perfect for handheld use
  • Rear threaded inserts makes it easy to mount to test stands


Model MF-Series
Accuracy ±0.2% F.S.
Display Analog 2” in diameter (50 mm); rotatable 360° for taring purposes
Live/Peak Mode Selectable
Needle Update Immediate
Threaded Insert Eight M3 inserts
Overload Capacity 165 lbs (75 kg)
Product Weight 1.6 lbs (0.73 kg)
Package Weight 4 lbs (1.81 kg)
Warranty 2-Year
Included Accessories Carrying case and attachments (flat head, hook, chisel, notched head, cone head, extension rod, large hook and large V-hook)


MF-PT100 100 lb range MF in ergonomic testing kit. Kit includes: rugged carrying case, attachments (flat head, hook, chisel, notched head, cone head, extension rod, large hook and large V-hook), padded ERGO accessories, handle adapter, NIST traceable certificate
MF-PT50KG Same as MF-PT100 with 50 kg range MF Force Gauge
NIST-FG NIST traceable certificate of calibration


F6-M6ADP-AL Adapter kit includes: Chisel, Cone, Flat Head, Hook, Extension Rod
F6-M6CL-AL Aluminum chisel adapter, M6 thread
F6-M6CN-AL Aluminum cone head adapter, M6 thread
F6-M6FL-AL Aluminum flat head adapter, M6 thread
F6-M6GV-AL Aluminum notched head adapter, M6 thread
F6-M6HK-AL Aluminum hook adapter, M6 thread
F6-M6RD-AL Aluminum extension rod, M6 thread
F6-M6HKL-AL Aluminum large hook adapter, M6 thread
F6-M6FKL-AL Aluminum large forked V-hook adapter, M6 thread
ERGO-KIT Padded accessory kit for ergonomic testing
MFP-HANDLE Handle adapter for heavy loads

Ordering details:

English Dial Model MF-2 MF-5 MF-10 MF-20 MF-30 MF-50 MF-100  
Capacity 2 lb 5 lb 10 lb 20 lb 30 lb 50 lb 100 lb  
Dial Graduation 0.01 lb 0.025 lb 0.05 lb 0.1 lb 0.2 lb 0.25 lb 0.5 lb  
Metric Dial Model MF-1KG MF-2KG MF-3KG MF-5KG MF-10KG MF-20KG MF-30KG MF-50KG
Capacity 1 kg 2 kg 3 kg 5 kg 10 kg 20 kg 30 kg 50 kg
Dial Graduation 0.005 kg 0.001 kg 0.02 kg 0.025 kg 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.25 kg

Ordering info

As a canadian distributor of Shimpo Instruments products we stock most of these Mechanical&Digital Force Gauges for same day shipping. To enquire on the Shimpo MF Series Mechanical Force Gauges availability and current list price please contact us.


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