We sell a complete shimpo collection of digital stroboscopes with many features, including phase shifting, High polish and focused reflector which eliminates “blind” viewing areas, Phase shift or Flash timer control the best and conveient solution for the most demanding applications of motion and speed analysis. Today any speed measurements and stop motion inspection will be more reliable and accurate with these Shimpo stroboscopes. Please find your best instrument  in our online catalogue.

Shimpo Stroboscopes in Canada

ST Series

Permanent mount LED stroboscope

This Shimpo LED stroboscopes features super bright CREE, high powered LED lamps and is recommended for typical high speed measurements including UV ink...
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Phase Shifting LED Strobe

The DT-326B is a portable, light-weight Phase Shifting Stroboscope utilizing super bright, high powered CREE LED lamps.
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High Intensity LED Stroboscopes

The DT-365/DT-365E High-Intensity, Battery Powered LED Stroboscopes are velocity analyzing and measuring devices that are ideal for machinery process...
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Series ST-329 & 329BL

Permanent mount LED stroboscopes

The Series ST-329 & ST-329BL are permanent mount LED stroboscope arrays utilizing super bright CREE, high powered LED lamps.
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Xenon Stroboscope Array

The ST-328 is a permanent mount stroboscope array utilizing bright high powered xenon style lamps.
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Light Weight Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery

Made by Shimpo with an unprecedented level of precision, lighter in weight, DT-725 Portable Stroboscope “freezes” rotating or reciprocating machinery for...
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Hand-held TechStrobe Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery

It’s hard to believe a portable stroboscope could offer so many features at an affordable price: Easy Adjust Dial for flash rates, Simple LCD user...
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Heavy duty, AC powered stroboscope

The DT-311A stroboscope is a great example of how Shimpo software is designed to give you the best experience possible when you need a stroboscope that...
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External rechargeable battery powered stroboscope

With its extruded aluminum construction , Flash timer control and repeatable ± 0.01% of reading accuracy and more features trully integrated into a great...
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