We sell Shimpo Tachometers, handheld and battery operated speed measure gauges, from our Brampton (Toronto area) warehouse. If you are looking for a Digital Shimpo tachometer for sale in Canada, our online Shimpo catalogue shows various models with microprocessor technology and high quality components which definitely made your speed measurements more fast and accurate. If you still not find the most convenient contact or non-contact tachometer that fits your needs, please contact us.

Shimpo Handheld Tachometers in Canada


Contact/non-contact data logging tachometer

The new Shimpo DT-2100 is the premium tachometer for engineers and maintenance professionals, the most highly advanced tachometer ever.
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PT-120/pt-122 Tachometer

The SHIMPO Model PT-120 Contact Tachometer is a simple to use, ergonomic, rugged test instrument for rotational speed applications.
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Non-Contact Laser Tachometer

This economical photo tachometer is ideal for rotational machine inspection and process speed analysis. Memory stores maximum, minimum, last recorded...
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Contact Pocket Tachometer (6" circumference measuring wheel)

These Shimpo contact tachometers with LCD display and microprocessor technology are able to made total revolutions (rev), revolutions per minute (rpm) and...
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Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Tachometer (6" circumference measuring wheel)

Buy this Shimpo handheld digital tachometer which measuring and recording speeds of rotational, linear and surface plus total length in both contact or...
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DT-105A Series

Portable Contact Tachometer (LCD)

This Compact hand held digital tachometer with ergonomic design accurately measures rotational or surface speed as well as length. The Shimpo DT-105A...
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DT-107A Series

Digital LED Tachometer

These DT-107A battery-operated tachometers (series) feature high quality components, large memory capacity and come with quick adjustment units knob. Buy...
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DT-205LR Series

LCD Laser/Contact Tachometer

With its outstanding accuracy this combination of Contact and Non-Contact Laser Tachometers allow usage in the strictest applications. DT-205LR Series...
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DT-207LR Series

LED Contact/Non-Contact Laser Tachometers

These Shimpo tachometers feature laser technology and provide precise RPM measurement up to 20 feet. Buy this laser tachometer in Canada from us and get...
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