Our Shimpo Torque Meters (battery operated portable devices) are made from quality materials and are well-known for their strong construction and highly accurate measurements. The Shimpo Digital Torque Meter is perfect for calibrating or measuring torque values including medical applications, pharmaceutical or industrial quality control!

If you are looking for a friendly instrument for calibrating or measuring torque values and still not find the perfect torque meters for you, please contact our sale department today.

Shimpo Torque Meters in Canada

TT Series

Digital Torque Tool Checkers (Discontinued)

Everything about this TT Digital Torque Tool Tester is incredibly simple and intuitive. Shimpo TT-Series provides exceptional accuracy for measuring...
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Digital Torque Gauge

The FG-7000T Series digital torque gauges provide testing flexibility with their external torque sensor input.
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TTC Series

Torque Tool Tester

The TTC Series Torque Tool Tester is a simple operation test instrument for quickly checking torque tool performance up to 590 ft-lb (800 N-m).
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TNP Series

Digital Torque Meter

Thanks to a new design, the Shimpo TNP Torque Meter ensures a small footprint and easily be transferred between the shop floor and laboratory taking up...
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TRC Series

Digital Torque Tool Checkers (Discontinued)

Designed with low profile, the TRC Digital Torque Tool Checker (USB ready) is a perfect example when you need to buy an user friendly instrument for...
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